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Pinellas Home Sales Decline, Prices Rise

Exploring the Role of Limited Housing Inventory in the Pinellas Real Estate Market

The housing market is experiencing a puzzling trend as Pinellas home sales decline, prices rise. Despite a 15.4% drop in home sales, the median sales price for Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater has increased by 1.3% to reach $395,000 compared to the previous year. This article delves into the factors contributing to this unique phenomenon and explores the underlying dynamics currently shaping the Tampa Bay real estate market.

Pinellas Home Sales Decline, Prices RiseThe Influence of Rising Interest Rates and Persistent Inflation on the Housing Market

The housing market, previously buzzing with enthusiastic home buyers nationwide, has since quieted due to the burdensome impacts of high interest rates and ongoing inflation. This marked shift in market activity starkly contrasts the buying fervor witnessed in the preceding year. The current economic conditions have caused many prospective homeowners to reassess their financial capabilities and, in many instances, postpone their home-buying intentions.

The Cooling Effect: Economic Factors Dampen U.S. Housing Market

Daryl Fairweather, the esteemed chief economist for RedFin, a leading real estate analytics firm, offered insights into the current market scenario during a discussion with the Tampa Bay Times. Fairweather suggested that the formerly vibrant housing market has essentially been ‘frozen’ due to the pressures exerted by soaring interest rates and unyielding inflation. In simple terms, the combined effects of these economic factors have put a damper on home buying activities across the nation.

Recent data reinforce Fairweather’s assertion. According to statistics released in March 2023 by the National Association of Realtors, a significant downturn has been observed in the U.S. housing market. Home sales across the United States have contracted by an alarming 22% when compared to the figures from the previous year. This reduction in home sales is a clear indicator of the chilling effect that these economic conditions have had on the housing market.

In some areas, this decline in sales activity has led to considerable decreases in property values. The drop in demand, stemming from potential buyers’ financial apprehensions, has resulted in lower competition and thus, a downward pressure on home prices. This trend suggests that the current economic landscape is compelling sellers to reduce their asking prices in a bid to attract potential buyers.

However, it’s crucial to note that this trend is not universally applicable. Certain regions, such as Tampa Bay, have proven to be resistant to the downturn. Despite the prevailing economic conditions and the overall trend in the national housing market, the housing market in Tampa Bay continues to hold strong. This resilience underscores the fact that local market conditions can sometimes diverge significantly from national trends. It also highlights the importance of taking local economic conditions and market dynamics into account when assessing the housing market’s overall health.

Islands Estates in Clearwater may be bucking the national trends due to supply and demand. Property Supply and Demand Imbalance

Despite the decline in home sales, there is still an imbalance between buyers and sellers in the Tampa Bay area. Lei Wedge, a professor of finance at the University of South Florida Muma College of Business, notes that there are more buyers than sellers in the market. In March, there were 6,513 active listings, marking a 121.8% increase from the previous year.

However, this number remains below the pre-pandemic era norms, with 11,816 active listings recorded in February 2019. Wedge suggests that for the scales to tip in favor of buyers, a substantial increase in the number of homeowners looking to sell would be necessary.

Key Area: Many homeowners are currently hesitant to sell their properties due to being locked in at lower mortgage rates, resulting in limited supply.

Less Competition from Investors and Cash Buyers

While the decline in home sales may present challenges for buyers, it also brings certain advantages. Pinellas County for example has witnessed remarkable growth in real estate prices despite the decline in home sales. Using data from Zillow, Stacker ranked the cities in the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL metro area by 1-year home price change as of February 2023, listing those with the fastest-growing prices. Here are the cities within Pinellas County that have experienced the fastest-growing home prices:

  1. Kenneth City, FL: The typical home value in Kenneth City has seen a 1-year price change of +$31,344 (+13.3%) and a 5-year price change of +$131,020 (+96.7%). The current typical home value in Kenneth City is $266,515, making it one of the more expensive cities in Pinellas County.
  2. Belleair Bluffs, FL: This city has witnessed a 1-year price change of +$31,766 (+9.4%) and a 5-year price change of +$161,069 (+76.8%). The typical home value in Belleair Bluffs is $370,713, reflecting the growth in real estate prices within the city.
  3. Safety Harbor, FL: Safety Harbor has experienced a 1-year price change of +$33,311 (+7.6%) and a 5-year price change of +$191,248 (+68.3%). The typical home value in Safety Harbor is $471,451, positioning it as one of the more expensive cities in Pinellas County.
  4. Saint Petersburg, FL: With a 1-year price change of +$34,515 (+11.2%) and a 5-year price change of +$159,334 (+87.3%), Saint Petersburg showcases strong growth in real estate prices. The typical home value in Saint Petersburg is $341,825, making it one of the more affordable cities in Pinellas County.

Future home sales in the Tampa Bay area. Future Local Property Outlook For Pinellas County

Looking ahead, it is anticipated that real estate prices in the Tampa Bay area, specifically Pinellas Country will continue to experience moderate growth throughout the year, although at a slower rate. Fairweather suggests that falling mortgage rates could provide some relief. Currently, the average 30-year fixed rate stands at around 6.9%, but RedFin forecasts that it will reach 5.5% by the end of the year. This decrease in mortgage rates may stimulate buyer activity and contribute to a more balanced market.

Our team at Shoreline Real Estate keeps an eye on market data and trends, and is ready to help clients navigate the St. Pete/Clearwater market as either buyers or sellers. Despite the decline in home sales, real estate prices in the Tampa Bay area continue to rise. Factors such as higher interest rates, inflation, supply and demand imbalances, and homeowners’ reluctance to sell at lower mortgage rates contribute to this unique trend.

Although the current decrease in home sales could benefit buyers by decreasing competition, it is likely to be short-lived as lower interest rates on mortgages will attract more potential buyers as the year goes on. Nevertheless, Shoreline Real Estate is dedicated to supporting our clients in every phase of the dynamic Tampa Bay real estate market.

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