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Life In Belleair, Florida

The Belleair Community: An Exceptional Golfing Locale in Florida

Introduction to Belleair, Florida

With a rich history dating back to the 19th century, life in Belleair, Florida, can be summed up as one of the oldest golfing communities on the western coast of Florida. Settled comfortably amidst lush landscapes and verdant golf courses, Belleair offers a serene lifestyle featuring spacious and picturesque residential lots. Prospective homeowners can choose from a range of housing styles, including quaint bungalows, cottages, luxurious estates, and Mediterranean villas, all adding to the town’s unique character.

Belleair Country Club with exclusive golf and dining. The Unique Charm of Golfing in Belleair

Belleair, with its lush landscapes and rich history, exudes a distinct charm that has made it a revered destination for golf enthusiasts. The town proudly lays claim to Florida’s first golf course, nestled within the venerable Belleair Country Club.

The Belleair Country Club: A Storied Golfing Tradition

Founded in 1897, the Belleair Country Club is steeped in a rich history that has been carefully preserved and celebrated over the years.

The club has consistently held its place in the annals of Florida’s golfing history, reflecting the traditional ethos of the sport in its every aspect.

The club recently unveiled its new greens in 2023, providing a fresh update to its classic course. These modern enhancements, woven seamlessly into the club’s storied history, have created a unique golfing experience. The Belleair Country Club offers golf enthusiasts the rare opportunity to tread on historic fairways while enjoying the benefits of contemporary golf course design and maintenance.

The Pelican Golf Club: A Contemporary Golfing Adventure

Life In Belleair, Florida and New Greens at Belleair Country ClubIn stark contrast to the Belleair Country Club’s historical allure, the Pelican Golf Club epitomizes the ultra-modern golfing experience. Established as one of Florida’s newest and most exclusive clubs, the Pelican Golf Club has quickly carved out a niche for itself in the state’s golfing landscape.

The Pelican Golf Club offers golfers a refreshing, contemporary spin on the traditional golfing experience. Its state-of-the-art facilities and course design echo the modern demands of the sport while providing an exciting counterpoint to Belleair’s more traditional golfing offerings.

The convergence of the Belleair Country Club’s opulent history and the Pelican Golf Club’s modern appeal encapsulates the unique charm of golfing in Belleair. This beautiful blend of tradition and modernity continues to draw golfers from all walks of life, promising a memorable and diverse golfing experience.

A Green Oasis: Parks and Recreation in Belleair

Belleair is not only celebrated for its golf courses. The town is beautifully maintained, boasting numerous parks, trails, and sidewalks along the shoreline, offering endless personal recreation possibilities. The town’s heart, the Dimmitt Community Center, provides a plethora of activities and group recreation options for residents of all ages.

Belleair’s beauty extends to its unique residential spaces, particularly those nestled on two finger islands. Homes and estates on Winston Drive and North Pine Circle offer breathtaking views of Belleair Beach. Belleview Island, with its mix of condominiums, townhomes, and grand estates, stretches into the Intracoastal waterways, overlooking the scenic Sand Key and Clearwater Beach.

Belleair’s Cuisine Scene: A Cornucopia of Flavors

Casual Dining and Fine Cuisine

Belleair Bluffs, located within Belleair, hosts some of the area’s best restaurants. Whether you’re craving steak or seafood, this charming community has it all. For a relaxed night out, residents can savor the flavors at popular spots like Bonefish Grill or Cody’s Steakhouse.

If a more upscale dining experience is what you seek, E&E Stakeout and SeaWeed offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Complementing the dining scene are cozy cafes and bakeries such as Belleair Cafe and the Astoria Pastry Shop, perfect for a leisurely morning or an afternoon treat.

Nurturing Young Minds: The Schools of Belleair

When relocating with children, the quality of education is a primary concern. Thankfully, Belleair, within Pinellas County, is renowned for its excellent schools.

Belleair Elementary School: A Legacy of Learning

Belleair Elementary School, serving grades K-5, is a historic institution that began its journey in 1926 as a two-story red brick schoolhouse with just five classrooms. Today, it’s known for its:

  • Engaging after-school clubs, including STEM and Girls on the Run
  • Award-winning multicultural program
  • Chorus for fourth and fifth-grade students
  • Teaching Garden, in partnership with the Heart Association and Nielsen
  • Title I resources for enhanced reading and math education
  • Positive Behavior Support
  • Swimming instruction for all students
  • A full-time Nurse on site

Largo High School: Shaping the Future

Originally established in 1914, Largo High School now serves grades 6-12 from its modern campus opened in August 2016. Today, it serves just under 2100 students with a dedicated staff of approximately 160 members. Largo High School offers:

  • A robust academic program, including regular, honors, dual-enrollment, and Advanced Placement courses
  • A recognized fine arts department and superior sports programs
  • Over 50 clubs and organizations
  • An International Baccalaureate (IB) magnet program
  • Dual Enrollment Classes in partnership with St. Petersburg College

Living the Belleair Dream with Shoreline Real Estate

Living in BelleairChoosing to live in Belleair means embracing a lifestyle steeped in history, nature, and leisurely sophistication. Here, every day is an invitation to enjoy sprawling golf courses, pristine beaches, engaging community activities, and high-quality educational institutions. The culinary delights of Belleair further enrich the experience, ranging from casual, family-friendly eateries to fine dining establishments.

Shoreline Real Estate, with years of expertise in the local property market, can guide you through the process of finding the perfect home in Belleair. We understand that a home is more than just bricks and mortar; it’s where your life unfolds, your dreams take flight, and lasting memories are created. That’s why we’re committed to more than just selling homes. We’re dedicated to selling lifestyles, dreams, and communities.

Whether you’re eyeing a cozy bungalow, a luxury estate, or a waterfront condominium, Shoreline Real Estate is your trusted partner. Our knowledgeable and friendly agents will assist you in navigating the diverse property portfolio in Belleair, ensuring that you find the right fit for your lifestyle and aspirations.

Shoreline Real Estate - Waterfront Real EstateWe invite you to reach out to us at Shoreline Real Estate and take the first step towards making your Belleair dream a reality. Embrace the quintessential Floridian lifestyle, where the sun shines brighter, the golf greens are fresher, and life is simply better. Let us help you find your perfect home in Belleair, Florida.

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