Clearwater Boat Parade at Clearwater Yacht Club

CYC Boat Parade

Shoreline Real Estate in the Clearwater Boat Parade

WE HAVE AN EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! Shoreline Real Estate is sponsoring the CYC Boat Parade for the very first time!

The CYC Boat Parade is a tremendously exciting, spectacularly lighted, nautical event celebrating the spirit of the holidays right on the water. This year celebrates the 48th consecutive year this event has taken place, so you can say they are very experienced in putting on a great show!


If you are looking for Christmas magic, CYC Boat Parade will bring you that familiar, cozy, and warm Christmas spirit feeling. 

WHEN: Saturday, Dec 10th at 6.30 PM

WHERE: The parade launches just north of the Mandalay channel bridge, following its traditional route heading north, then through the Island Estates community, to the Memorial Causeway bridge, then back towards the beach, turning around at the City Fuel Dock, and finally down to the judging area in front of the Clearwater Yacht Club.

I have attended many boat parades in Pinellas County, so I have collected my top tips on ensuring you truly enjoy it:

  •  It´s warm here, so you don´t need to worry about bringing layers of clothing. In fact, it might annoy you if you have to hold your jacket all evening. Check out the forecast, and make sure you are dressed accordingly. Either way, it will certainly not start snowing suddenly. 
  •  Have a parking plan before you arrive, as finding parking during the holiday season can be tricky, so make sure you have a place in mind. 
  •  Bring a few collapsible chairs if you would like to sit down, especially if you bring the whole family. 
  •  If you like to snack, maybe pack a small picnic with your favorite food and drinks.
  • If you decide to watch the parade from the water, ensure you have a sober skipper on board, and don´t rush home. There will be boat traffic, so sometimes it is best to wait until it clears. 

If you are looking for something more than just being a spectator, go to this page and register your boat ASAP. You can decorate your boat with lights, inflatable figures, and other festive decorations. You can even pick your favorite Christmas theme, like “The Grinch” or “Elf”. Don´t forget to add the music and test the lights before you go. 😉 Cash, trophies, and prizes will be awarded for several categories, including a Grand Prize.

Shoreline Real Estate - Waterfront Real EstateLike this post if you will be attending and comment on where you will be watching the parade, on land or by sea. Shoreline Real Estate – Proud CYC Members. 

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